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Dear Exhibitor,


Welcome to the online Exhibitor Guide from the event FOOD INGREDIENTS SOUTH AMERICA 2018.

You are the responsible for the information management and necessary forms fillings for your booth. Attention to the deadlines of forms fillings. 

To access the online Exhibitor Guide and declare that you are the responsible, please click on AGREE.


EVENT NAME:  Food Ingredients south America   2018

LOCATION:  São Paulo - Brazil

BUILD UP PERIOD: 08/18/2018 TO 08/20/2018 - FROM 8AM TO 8PM

REALIZATION PERIOD: August 21st to 23rd - FROM 1PM TO 8 PM

DISMANTLING PERIOD: 08/24 – UNTIL 4PM           

As an Exhibitor regularly registered at the EVENT, I elect the Stand Builder Company above described (COMPANY) as our legal representative for all the subjects relating to the execution (build up and dismantling) of our booth. I declare I am aware of all the standards, rules, conditions and periods mentioned at the EVENT Exhibitor Manual and in this term emphasized to the execution (build up and dismantling), fully accepting them.

Once started the build up period, the COMPANY must check the general conditions of the contracted area and, in case of divergences, immediately relate them, filling out, within 3 hours after started the period in question, the Damages Form, available at the local Projects Department (CAEX – Pattern Form). 

If the COMPANY does not appear within 3 hours after the beginning of the build up period, the area will consider delivered in perfect conditions and must, likewise, be returned.

During the build up, realization and dismantling periods, the COMPANY here elected is responsible for the area conservation and use.

At the end of the dismantling period, the COMPANY must request the area inspection to the operational team in order to check its conditions. In the case of damage, the COMPANY here elected will handle with the related costs. If the COMPANY does not request the appropriate inspection and if the operational team finds damages in the area, it will be liable for them.